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Central Republic of Africa: children recover smile from Paris

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The Central Republic of Africa has been passing through unprecedented sociopolitical crisis since December, 2012.

A recent survey revealed that 12 % of the population is moved. 2,5 million people or 54 % of the whole population need humanitarian help. About 28.000 children are affected by severe malnutrition. And more than 30 % of the school and sanitary infrastructures destroyed.

This situation of chaos thus led to heavy consequences within the populations and particularly in children.

In order to give back smile to these children, Actions For the Central Republic of Africa (APCA), in partnership with Les Salons Latécoère (Paris 16 ème) organize on 11th December of this year in Paris an event called « Christmas, for a Smile in the eyes« .

A charitable evening that will get the participation of several personalities, sponsors of the event, private and public international partners, the French official representatives, as well as the Central African authorities.

Profits, goods and donations collected, will be offered to the children of the Central Republic Africa on 25th December 2014, the Christmas celebration organized for the occasion in Bangui and its surroundings.

Among items to collect, there are material (toys, playful objects, books, clothes), medical supplies (linen for pediatrics, medicine, antiseptic gels etc.), food (flour, sugar, oil, cans of food, milk for infants, candy etc.), financial donations.

APCA is a donation fund created on 30th August 2013 in France that has for target to realize, support or make possible projects or programs of helps and humanitarian solidarity for the benefit of disadvantaged and weakened populations.

APCA establishes strategic, technical or operational partnerships with Central African or international organizations, acting in accordance with its objectives in the socio-sanitary and humanitarian domain.

To date, thousands of Central Africans are able to benefit from actions of APCA and from its partners.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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