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Cannes film festival: « Mouane Mory » by Pacôme Nkoulou at Shorts Films Corner

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Even before its projection, the movie « Mouane Mory » by the young Gabonese director Amédée Pacôme Nkoulou is making tour of big festivals of the world. After the European Cinema Festival held from 5th to 10th May 2014, the short film of 18 minutes will be projected at Cannes film festival which will begins on 4th May.


« Mouane Mory » is first of all, a way for the director to pay a tribute to a friend whose story he told. Love, responsibility of parents, prohibition, everything is there to fascinate cinema enthusiasts. In an interview granted to site, the director came back on the choice of actors.


« I wanted to combine two generations. But the choice of Michel Ndaot for this movie seemed obvious to me because of his corpulence perfectly adapted to the role in my opinion. Physically, Michel is someone who impresses enough, but behind this purely physical aspect, I wanted to end in a character who does not leave indifferent and who shows at the same time childish, clumsy and sensitive side », he explained.


« Mouane Mory » is a local production which benefited from the support of the Gabonese State. The success of this movie should incite leaders of other African countries to support film culture.


« It was the Gabonese State that granted financial and material means necessary for the final conception of this short film which was produced in October 2013 and brought out in April 2014. I moreover add that everything was fully done in Gabon. This is a proof that the country has talents on the national level », specified Amédée Pacôme Nkoulou.




 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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