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Françoise Foning: the impressive success of a former office employee.

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In Cameroon, Françoise Foning’s success-story (born in 1949) is known of all. From nothing, this former employee of a municipality of Douala (Cameroon) decided to take her fate in hand in creating in 1967 the restaurant « New style », her very first company. She afterward created a transport company with two taxis. In 2005 she counted 150.

The business lady and politician also set up a company of gravels extraction « Les graviers unis » (united gravels) and an import-export food trading company called « Socamac. » Member of Parliament and mayor of Douala, Françoise Foning is the owner of the « Polyclinic de la main noire » (of the Black Hand) and of the secondary school « Fraternité » (Brotherhood) of Douala.

François Foning, told the secrets of her success: « There were tontines. It is what allowed me to have 15 companies at some point and 1900 employees in Cameroon ».

The influence of the lady in Cameroonian business world and beyond the borders of her country was worth to her the position of president of businesswomen group of Cameroon. She also managed the NGO « World women business managers. »

Françoise Foning arouses admiration from his collaborators. They salute her virtues of mother and dynamic woman. « Managing populations and staff is not always easy. But I have my particular touch, what makes people appreciate and like me. You should know how to listen to, and when I say to listen to, it is everybody, you should consider people. That’s the main part. I take time to listen to and understand those who are in front of me. I am always available, committed. Other big cleverness is patience », she declared.

Foning received several awards. Grand Officer of Cameroonian Merit; she was also rewarded Queen of Bafo (Ménoua) group royal court before receiving Njih (award in sultanate Bamoun royal court).

Positions of responsibility

Mayor of Douala

Executive Vice-president of African businessmen Round Table

President of businesswomen group of Cameroon

President of African network for feminine entrepreneurship, International Vice-president of French-speaking forum of business

President of the NGO « World women business managers

Consultant in finances and managements at African Development Bank

Permanent Secretary for Central Africa of training center AGOA (African growth opportunity Act)


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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