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New Year 2015: New Year, New Challenges at Africa Top Success!!!

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Happy-new-year 2015The editorial staff of Africa Top Success wishes you Happy New Year 2015. Proud of seeing Africa committed in an emergence and development dynamics, we renew our availability to support and promote all the initiatives that participate in the development of the continent.

During the year 2014, Africa Top Success, the Pan-African portal for men and women who make Africa, covered the African current events in various domains (economy, culture, politics, health, environment, and technology). The year was particularly rich in technology and culture.

The Innovation Prize for Africa won by the South Africans Dr. Nicolaas Duneas and Nuno Peres, many other inventions on the continent such as the medical touchpad (Cardiopad), the 3D printer made in Togo of recyclable material or the promotion of the educational tablet (Qelasy), comfort Africa Top Success in its desire of seeing another emerging Africa.

The various prizes won by the Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar of the best feminine hope, the 20 years of career celebration of the fashion designer, Gilles Touré, the Black Fashion Week and the discovery of new talents as the Cameroonian model, Afor Tumban also marked the year that ended.

All as mentioned above, the African music was also in the spotlight during the year 2014. The Togolese Toofan group, the Nigerians Davido, Flavour, Tiwa Sage, the Ivorians DJ Arafat, Serge Beynaud, and Magic System legitimately represented Africa on the international scenes. The public got the opportunity to discover, for the first time, talents as the Ugandan Edy Kenzo with the Ghetto Kids group. Island Africa Talent was probably the great musical event of the year.

On the political level, the successful organization of the 15th summit of the Francophony in Senegal, the peaceful political transition in Burkina Faso after the down fall of Blaise Compaoré, the peaceful election of the new president of Tunisia, confirm the progress of Africa in the establishment of a sustainable democracy

The African economy got improvement in 2014. The Africa Forbes Forum 2014, the Africa CEO Forum, as well as the partners for development of Africa show that the continent is carrier of growth.

Outside the success, Africa was confronted with several sad events that we should remind. The Ebola virus epidemic spread in West Africa causing more than 7500 deaths, seriously affected the African economy. The kidnapping of hundreds of girls in Nigeria by the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, the murder of the Ivorian model, Awa Fadiga and the death of the Togolese fashion designer, Bamondi, darkened the image of Africa.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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