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Christelle Avomo: the Gabonese R&B star in the US!

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Im_A_Tease_Cover_no_BarcodeChristelle Avomo is a star in the US. Her career is a real fairy tale, for this young Gabonese born in Libreville and living now in Las Vegas.

Christelle in her childhood was lulled by French, African and American music and very quickly, she cracked for the American R&B and the Hip-Hop of some artists. She secretly dreamed of being equal to Beyonce, Ashanty and Mariah Carey. She was closer to this target even if she had a long way ahead.

 “Even if I could not understand any words, no other music excited me to the point to make me make spring up.”

Christelle landed in the US in 2006 thinking of making career in music but could not speak the language. But in order to get protected, she was specialized in dental studies.

“It was a very difficult transition. She was horrible for the fact that she could not communicate with people”

She was learning the language in taking intensive courses. In 2007, she was still finding her way out and discovered that she also had a passion for fashion.

She wanted to establish her own clothing line while continuing her musical career. She then started studies in the International Academy of Design and Technology and also a vocal training by Jeffrey Skousan.

After having the opportunity to attend a concert of Rihanna in 2008, she went in studio and recorded twenty-four songs. She also got noticed with a first clip: “Money Machine”. Nothing frightens her: “I know that I came from a far someplace”

Christelle did not forget her home country. She is planning tours to Gabon and in other countries in Africa. “I want to live again the old time experienced when I was in Africa listening to American music.”

These are the main ambitions of Christelle and with regard to what she already achieved, no doubt, she will reach many other goals.

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