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Collapse of the church of the wealthy TB Joshua: South Africa is mourning

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On Friday, 12th September 2014, the Synagogue Church of All Nations of Nigeria (SCOAN) by the famous Nigerian pastor, Temitope Baligun Joshua collapsed killing 80 persons. The church which reputation is beyond the borders of Nigeria, sheltered a strong South African delegation at the time of the tragedy.

« Never in the recent history of our country, have we seen a so great number of our fellow countrymen dying in an accident outside the country« , declared the South African president, Jacob Zuma who estimated at 67, the number of his nationals died in the tragedy.

According to Forbes magazine, the televangelist is listed among the richest pastors of the world with a personal fortune estimated at 16 million dollars. He is owner of a television channel called « Emmanuel TV » on which he is called Prophet. Temitope Joshua receives in its palace several political personalities of Africa. According to RFI, the Ghanaian former president John Atta Mills and the former Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai among others, are the VIPs of his church.

A few days after the tragedy that continues arousing questioning within the Nigerian population, the pastor posted a message on his Page Facebook to express his condolences to the tearful families and denounce « a plot« . According to the latter, a mysterious plane overflew his building several times a few minutes before the collapse.

« The church considered this tragedy as a plot against the Synagogue church of all nations, and more particularly against the prophet TB Joshua (…) This incident was preceded by the appearance of a mysterious plane that overflew four times the building at lower altitude« , he tried to explain.

Other sources explained the collapse of the building by the increase of storeys while the foundation was not beforehand strengthened.

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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