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Culture: Togo celebrating its ambassadors

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The years 2014 will have dedicated the return of Togo on the international scene. The youth of this small country of West Africa has become famous in several domains. From culture to technology, the Togolese won about ten international prizes during the year 2014. The Togolese Minister of Culture received on Tuesday these young ambassadors who have made the pride of the whole continent.

The Togolese Minister of Culture, Mrs. Kouméalo ANATE chaired on Tuesday the presentation ceremony of the prizes won by Togo in the domain of culture. Among others, we can find the prize of the « best French-speaking artist » at the MTV Africa Music Awards won by Toofan group and the « Livre d’Or » trophy won by the 17-year-old Togolese young lady, KOMIZA Lucia.

Two Togolese film-makers were also honored during this ceremony. They are Maxime Tchinkoun, director of the movie « Les Avalés du Grand Bleu » and Joel Tchedre, winner of the integration trophy at the Clap Ivoire 2014.

As a reminder, both Togolese directors won two of the three trophies involved in the competition and 3 prizes over 7. Apart from culture, Togo also won numerous prizes in innovation sectors. As Africa Tops Success reported it earlier, the Togolese, Logou Minsob won the 2nd prize of the innovation for Africa with foufoumix and Afate Kodjo Gnikou was the winner of the Prize of the technological innovation in Barcelona (3D printer), Another Togolese who also draws attention is the young Edouard AKAKPO-LADO, inventor of Merlinox, the palm oil processing machine.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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