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Digital technology: Cameroonian start-ups in fashion

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For the New Year, high scale objectives and challenges are assigned to the Africa Internet Group’s team, the largest Internet group in Africa. With this reality, the group decided to perpetuate its tradition and renew its reliable contract with all it partners.

The Year 2015 got started. Africa Internet Group, the company that has operated an exponential development of the e-commerce in Cameroon within only one year, will continue in the same line. However, it will do more and will be more present in minds, cities and villages of all regions of Cameroon. No more mystery.

The convenience store has become a real fact on the Web in such a way that every individual, for only one year now, has acquired the reflex to buy and to sell on-line. www.Kaymu.cm has become a reference for the traders. It’s the same tune for the car sector where the on-line purchase and sale of cars have grown in the habits with pleasure. With www.Carmudi.cm, we are accustomed the concept of on-line cars (and the habit is perpetuated). Renting or buying a house, just like a plot of land, the practicability has become well-known by the Cameroonians.

The name www.Carmudi.cm conquered the minds. With the setting-up of the 3G, electronic and computing devices of any range, household electrical appliances including clothing or toys, www.Jumia.cm that previously meant nothing, can be proud of having a great name. For travels, excursions, tourism, www.Jovago.com is a reference on the continent and in the world. Booking a hotel room in a twinkling of an eye has become a reflex.

The Cameroonians completely joined the notion of e-commerce. All that remains for the mis to apply and propagate it their respective environments and that is where the real challenge for AIG and its Joint-ventures starts. Sacha Poignonnec, the CEO of AIG that is established in Cameroon at the beginning of the year, found necessary to galvanize his teams on this fact: « for some people, it is good to have reached this level within one year […] but the worst is to come and there is need to be strong. Things will constantly move and to evolve […] » That is the information. The teams are equipped. The challenges will be faced. The Cameroonian will more be directed towards the evolution of the digital technology.

With the giants as Millicom, MTN and Rocket Internet as major actors, Africa Internet Group counts 5 subsidiaries. Each of it, through events and actions it undertook on the field, partners and media will not be exempted, because also participating in the good evolution of the company. There is only one watchword: « Let’s make it! »

Original text by: GASPARD F. NGONO

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