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DR of Congo: 74 cultural actors decorated

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Kinshasa, the capital town of the Democratic Republic of Congo lived on Friday evening, a particular atmosphere.

It was on the occasion of an evening exclusively dedicated to artist musicians, writers, film-makers as well as cultural promoters, forgotten for a long time.

They were on the whole 74 Congolese actors of the cultural domain who received the National Prize of the Merit of Culture and Arts (PNMCA).

In the rank of the honored prize-winners for the event, we can paricularly note the musicians Lutumba Simaro, Nyoka Longo, Ngiama Werrason, JB Mpiana, Papa Wemba and Manuaku Waku, Mbilia Bel and Tshiala Muana.

In the category of writers, Masegabio Nzanzu and Didier Mumengi were rewarded.

It is necessary to indicate that the same prize was also awarded to several film-makers and cultural operators of the DR of Congo.

After the Merit Certificate, all the prize-winners were decorated with the medal of the Merit of Arts and Letters.

« This merit is a real homage and a recognition by the nation to these heralds who made the promotion of the diversified culture of the country », recognized the Prof. Thryphon Kin Kiey Mulumba, the Congolese Minister of the Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication New Technologies.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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