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Patricia Nzolantima: The Congolese Working Lady!

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An exceptional multifaceted woman, Patricia Nzolantima occupies a special place among women who make move the Black continent.

Native of the DRC, she is also a part of Congolese who have succeeded abroad and have chosen to use their skills for the development of their community.

Her life amazes many people. In 2008, she launched herself into entrepreneurship by setting up the ComunicArt Agency, a marketing agency specialized in the representation of customers at the Pan-African level.

Two years later, Patricia Nzolantima will decide to merge her company with the giant South African advertising EXP-Agency, a merger that finally ended in the creation of EXP-ComunicArt, one of the leading marketing agencies in the sub-Saharan Africa.

Having 10 years of experience in marketing, Patricia Nzolantima is also the founder and the publisher of the « International Working Lady« magazine, a real focus on the life of active women who go up to the end of their ideal in order to serve others and their countries.

In Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, « International Working Lady« , has just started in association with several partners of the sector of telecommunication, banks and insurances, a campaign called « Kinshasa Rose« .

The later aims at the mobilization the entire city of Kinshasa and its urban conglomerations against breast cancer.

In her commitment to women, Patricia Nzolantima set up a microcredit program entitled « Women of the Future » and a scholarship program entitled « Tomorrow’s elite« , this in order to encourage women to overcome their difficulties to achieve their goals.

Patricia moreover travelled to the United States with more than 60 other young African leaders to participate in the Innovation Summit and Mentoring Partnership, a 3 week program organized by the American government.

Today, she set up a business network, the « My Way Network » which objective is to create a synergy of skills between the old and the new entrepreneurs of the African continent so that each can share its career path, its expertise and its advice for new business start-up.

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Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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