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DR of Congo: the most important of clean energy tank in Africa

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Africa is the continent that has the lowest rate access to electricity whereas its fossil and renewable energy resources are colossal.

According to a report from the World Bank published in 2013, 1, 2 billion individuals in the world live without electricity. One third of them are concentrated in twenty Asian and African countries. All economic activities require the use of energy.

The continent is thus confronted with a mattering challenge in energy.

It is Moreover what was identified as « the first need for development of Africa« , during the USA-Africa Summit.

It is thus undeniable that the coverage of the fundamental energy needs (lighting, communication, electricity) offers significant advantages to industries and populations.

Trying to reduce this gap, the World Bank has just freed 73 million dollars as help in favor of the Democratic Republic of Congo for a vast project of hydroelectric power plant.

In a press conference last Friday in Kinshasa, the Congolese Government Spokesman, Lambert Mende Omalanga, asserted that « the DR of Congo that is the most important clean energy tank in Africa, has a lot to gain in this« .

« There is thus a lot to gain in this as far as our experts who are now going to be called to get in touch with the others in Africa and in the United States can correctly do their work. The ground is thus cleared to them« , declared the minister of the Communication.

Besides, the United States have, through their development agency, the USAID, initiated the Power Africa program in order to support the economic growth and the development of Africa by increasing its access to a safe, affordable and sustainable energy.

Last December, the director of the USAID, Rajiv Shahn visited Inga’s hydroelectric power plant in Bas – Congo together with the Prime Minister, Matata Ponyo.

His agency is one of the partners of the DR of Congo in the building project of a new power plant, Inga III, supposed to supply 4 800 megawatts.

For the minister Mende, this visit was of very good omen for the DR of Congo.

« The United States even made a financial contribution to the studies: more than one billion that was necessary for the finalization of the studies. It bodes well for the continuation« , he assured.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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