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Ebola: cancellation of the 9th Black Divinities Festival

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The Ebola virus disease continues tormenting African cultural promoters. The disease that rages in three West African countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea), obliges the steering committee for the 9th of Black Divinities Festival to cancel the event planned in Togo. Before this new decision, the 12th International Trade Fair of Lomé was postponed by the Togolese authorities for the same reasons. Africa Top Success proposes you the whole of the communiqué from Acofin association, promoter for Black Divinities Festival.


Acofin association regretfully announces you the cancellation of the 9th edition of Black Divinities Festival.

Since January 2013, Ebola has been raging in several countries of the West African sub-region with a very heavy assessment for more than 5000 deaths so far. The epidemic progresses with the appearance of new focal spots.

For all these reasons, Acofin association considers that it is not careful to organize big meetings. The sense of the responsibilities obliges us to make good decisions in order to avoid putting into jeopardy, life of festival-goers, guests and spectators. We are saddened, but we have no choice.

As the Togolese government that postponed the 12th International Trade Fair of Lomé, we also take the same precautions.

Black Divinities Festival is not disappearing; it will come back once the situation is on hand.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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