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Edem Kodjo: Chevalier of the order of academic Palms of France

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Having been raised to the rank of « Officer of the Arts and Letters of French Republic », Edem Kodjo, the former Togolese Prime Minister and the former Secretary General of OUA and at present chairman of the PAX AFRICANA Foundation, received on 2nd July in the Residence of France in Lomé, the « Academic Palms » distinction.

During the ceremony chaired by the Ambassador of France in Togo, Nicolas Warnery, the latter declared that « this decoration is the fruit of the teaching functions provided by Edem Kodjo ».

« It is thus for this reasons, your teaching at the oldest university of France but by taking into account as well the different parameters that I just evoked, your constant commitment at the service of the knowledge, intelligence and education, that France decided to raise you to the rank of Chevalier of the Order of Academic Palms », declared Mr. Warnery.

Let’s elaborate a little bit on the biography of the man

Edem Kodjo was from 1983 to 1991, associate Professor at the University of Paris I (Panthéon – Sorbonne) in the Political sciences department and Professor of international Relations in Post-Graduate Diploma of African studies.

He is also known as being « committed to the future of the Togolese youth » for whom he has « the nice projects regarding education of the rising generations« .

Intellectual, theologian specialist of patristic, the chairman of « Pax Africana » received in 1985, the literary Grand Prix of Black Africa for his book « Et demain l’ Afrique« . Other books of Edem Kodjo, «L’Occident, du déclin au défi», «Au commencement était le glaive» and «Lettre ouverte à l’Afrique cinquantenaire».

And to reach these successes, Edem Kodjo got a deserving career path. Among his studies, he successively got his high school diploma (philosophy option) in Lomé in 1957, then a Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of law and Economics of the University of Rennes in 1961 before joining the French National Administration School in the class of Blaise Pascal.


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