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Fifa ranking: Ivory Coast on hot pursuit of Algeria

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The second Fifa ranking of the year 2015 smiled to Ivory Coast. No doubt, as the Elephants were crowned champions of Africa a few days ago. Thanks to this victory, Yaya Touré and colleagues gained 8 points and henceforth find themselves in the 20th position at the world level and in the second position on the African level just behind Algeria, always leading on the continent in spite of its elimination in quarterfinals of the AFCON 2015. The Greens of Algeria are 18th in the world ranking.

Unfortunate finalist last Sunday, Ghana is the world 25th and the African 3rd.

DR Congo and Equatorial Guinea can also be delighted at their good performance in the AFCON 2015. It helped them to find themselves for the first time of their history in the top 50 of the ranking. On the African level, the Leopards are henceforth 10th while Nzalang is 12th.

As below the top 20 African after this ranking:

Top 20 African

1. Algeria (18th)

2. Ivory Coast (20th)

3. Ghana (25th)

4. Tunisia (26th)

5. Cap Vert (35th)

6. Senegal (36th)

7. Nigeria (42th)

8. Guinea (43rd)

9. Cameroon (45th)

10. DR Congo (46th)

11. Congo (49th)

12. Equatorial Guinea (49th)

13. Mali (53rd)

14. South Africa (56th)

15. Egypt (57th)

15. Gabon (58th)

17. Zambia (60th)

18. Burkina Faso (68th)

19. Rwanda (72nd)

20. Togo (75th)


Original text by: Africa Top Sports

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