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Gohou Michel: « cinemas gave way to churches »

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During a recent meeting with the press in the Ivorian economic capital town, the artist comedian, Gohou Michel, declared that he will be on tour in Africa from next December.

He will start this tour with Discop, a cinema market taking place in South Africa to present his records since the « Guignols d’Abidjan » including « Ma famille« , studios 225, as well as productions he realized outside Ivory Coast.

Gohou will not be the only one to make this trip; he will be accompanied by other actors of the Ivorian cinema, Guy Kalou and Akissi Delta.

After South Africa, the trio will be in Congo for another festival starting in Brazzaville to come to an end in Oyo, the home town of the President of Republic, Sassou N’ guesso.

« I have a movie shooting to be ended in Lomé« , added Gohou La Pioche.

Expressing himself on the future of the Ivorian cinema, the comedian asserted that today, « cinema is disappearing« .

The latter explained his position by the fact that there « is sorely lacking of projection rooms« .

« Cinemas gave way to churches. Even if we have a movie on hand, we do not know where to project it any more« , he supported.

Taking the example of Burkina Faso, Gohou indicated that « it is not normal that a big country as Ivory Coast has no cinema. The large cinema rooms we got in the past are changed into churches« .

He besides announced that the new season of « Ma famille« , the success series written by Akissi Delta, will soon be on the small screens.

« Delta ended up with the writing and more than hundred episodes are ready. We should be able to resume with the shooting in December or next January« , confided Gohou Michel.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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