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Ivory Coast: universities are equipped with new educational models

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On Wednesday, the presidents of the five Ivorian public universities handed to the Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Gnamien Konan, the educational models in the Licence-Master-Doctorat format containing training offers.

Realized in three months by the presidents and the deans of the University departments, these models record for every sector, the list of skills, outlets, partner companies, conditions of access to trainings, English practice, computing and entrepreneurship.

« They offer legibility, visibility, relevance of the training offer within the framework of the harmonization of syllabuses in accordance with the sub-regional and international standards for the modernization of the training offer to facilitate the mobility and the occupational integration of the students« , indicated the technical adviser, Merawa Mohammadou, who explained their elaboration methods.

After the creation of a management for Higher education and Employability followed by a digital university which courses will start on 22nd May, the delivery of the educational models is « a decisive and historic stage » on the way of excellence of the Ivorian universities, declared very delighted the chairwoman of the conference of the presidents of universities, Pr. Bakayoko-Ly Ramata.

Taking the example of Germany that will need to import millions of graduates the years to come, the Minister Gnamien Konan invited the teachers and the managing staff of the universities to do well their work.

« If each of us does well his part of the job, there will no more be unemployment problem. The European populations will need human resources that we are, if our training is of quality« , he said, inviting each other to end the inconvenient strikes.

He invited the universities managing staffs to head for employment for 70 % of the graduate of their institutions within three years.
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