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Grand Prix of Excellence: nominees equipped

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The final of the first edition of Grand Prix of Excellence will be held in Libreville (Gabon) on 29th November 2014. In order to optimize chances of 30 nominees in « Hope » category, the steering committee initiated on 21st and 22nd November, a coaching centered on public speaking. The beneficiaries of these two days of works learnt how to defend their business plan.

Junior Achievement supports the ambitious « Emergent Gabon » plan with Grand Prix of Excellence. According to its organizers, the competition aims at identifying and helping the emergent small and medium-sized enterprises in the sectors of environment, industries and services.

« Action » category is opened to young entrepreneurs (20-40 years old) owners of a company duly registered in the Commercial court in Gabon or abroad (at least two years of existence).

An envelope for 37 500 000 FCFA (75.000 $) is kept for the prize-winner of this category whereas 15 best projects of « Hope » can be financed up to 30 million FCFA.

« No job, no business sector, no opportunity must be neglected at the time when – mentalities, value chains, industry, investments – change is a national priority. A new generation of economic actors opened on a world without borders must be set out to conquer markets for a more including and strong growth« , indicated President Ali Bongo on his Facebook page, during the launching of the project.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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