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Investi in Africa: meeting on 20th March

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Formerly considered as a land of poverty, Africa has emerged these recent years as a space of opportunities and intends to become a land of performance with the aim of facilitating investment, both internal and external. It is within this context that an international forum will gather on 20th March of this year in Neuville Saint Amand (France), investors from all over the world around the questions related to investment and business opportunities in Africa.

Jointly organized by the International Chamber for Business Advise and Promotion (CICP), an organization for the development of the NORTH / SOUTH economic and commercial exchanges based in Paris and the SODINEG Company, a company for the sale of building material and heavy machines, this great historic meeting aims at promoting the contacts between the French and African companies to favor the creation of sustainable partnerships between them.

Several business personalities, business managers, project leaders and investors are expected in this meeting and will share their experiences and success-stories with the participants.

According to Dominique ZANGA, the Chairman for the International Chamber for Business Advise and Promotion (CICP), this meeting will not only allow the African companies to share economic information on expanding sectors in Africa, but also to present their business plans to the foreign investors.

B to B Meetings, thematic Round Tables will be in the program of the forum and will allow the participants highlighting assets and potentialities of the African countries to welcome foreign investments.

« The African participants in this fair will intervene to emphasize on the expanding sectors of their country as hospitality land for foreign investments, thanks to their strategic geographical positions, their economic performances and their competitiveness, on the incentive measures offered by these countries for the development of the investments« , indicated Dominique ZANGA.

It is necessary to note that the fair is organized outside the World Tourism Fair that will be held in Paris from 19th to 22nd March 2015.

For any on-line registration or information connected to the forum, feel free to send a mail to Dominique ZANGA, Chairman of the Chairman for the International Chamber for Business Advise and Promotion (CICP) 66, Avenue des Champs Élysées Lot 41 75008 Paris. E-mail: [email protected]

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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