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Ivory Coast: decoration of about one hundred public officials

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The ministry of Public service and administrative reform is opened to the general public since Thursday on the occasion of open days spread over three days around the theme « Ivory Coast public services and modernization challenge« .

The idea is to allow the general public to get familiar with its administration and discover it « dark sides« .

These open days are among others marked by conferences, visits of stands and renovated premises of the ministry

A ceremony for decoration of about hundred State employees and officials is planned on Saturday, the 3rd and last day of this meeting.

According to Ibrahim Cissé Bacongo (photo), the minister for Public service and administrative reform, these days aim at « offering a exchanges framework between development partners, beneficiaries of services of the ministry and actors of this ministry« .

« They occur in a changing phase of Ivory Coast into an emerging country on the horizon 2020 as the Head of State is committed to it« , added M Bacongo.

According to the latter, the realization of such a vision requires « competent, modern, motivated, effective and equipped » government services for the management centered on the results.

In order to face the challenge to make of government services the driving force of emergence in Ivory Coast, initiatives were undertaken among which « some became effective realizations and others are subject to project which implementation will start in the next days« , reassured Mr. Cissé.

« It mainly concerns the implementation of Integrated Management System of Public Officials (SIGFAE), the State human resources management privileged tool which allows today to manage all facts concerning their career with efficiency and swiftness« , quoted as an example by Mr. Cissé Bacongo.

Among operated reforms, « the implementation of administrative procedures portal that will eventually allow the users to remotely manage all administrative files wherever they are and whatever they ask« , he pointed out.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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