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Ivory Coast: Towards the restructuring of the on-line press

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The development of Information and Communication technologies (ICTS) at the beginning of the 21st century led to the birth of the on-line or the broadcast media. In spite of the impact of the on-line organizations in the media landscape, this sector has difficulty to be regulated in several countries of Africa.

After Senegal, Ivory Coast begins the restructuring of the on-line press sector. The on-line press professionals’ network in Ivory Coast (REPPRELCI) submitted on Tuesday, the report of the identification and inventory operation of the news web sites of the country, to the chairman of the High authority for the audiovisual communication (HACA).

This ceremony marking the one year work by this network was the opportunity for the Haca chairman, Ibrahim Sy Savané to remind the importance of this new media.

« The on-line publications are the future of the news« , indicated Sy Savané before calling the on-line press professionals to the labelling of the sector.

« The labelling aims at helping and not at imposing new constraints but in return, it a little bit requires ethics and business ethics » declared the Haca chairman by specifying that the objective is not to limit the freedom of the press. Ivory Coast counts more than one hundred news sites.

The on-line press professionals network of Ivory Coast (REPPRELCI) created in 2006, has assigned itself « promotion and development of the on-line press and its related businesses in Ivory Coast (facilitate the access to the news and their on-line publication, incite to the reading of the on-line newspapers and incite to the on-line advertising on the news sites).

The REPPRELCI also has for objective to organize and contribute to regulate the on-line press in Ivory Coast while supporting the freedom of the press. »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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