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Jennifer Yéo: the secrets of Miss Côte d’Ivoire

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Since 7th June 2014, Jennifer Yéo has become the most beautiful woman of Ivory Coast. The beauty of the native of the Haut-Sassandra region has a particularity: natural. Jennifer Yéo, contrary to the young ladies of her generation, is not fan of make-ups. In an interview granted to the colleagues of, she revealed the secrets of her radiance.


What is your weakness regarding beauty?
Just putting glossy lipstick because I already have pink lips. It thus enjoys me to highlight the pink of my lips.


Your favorite lingerie?
I like putting on any,… (laughter)


But you have all the same a preference…
Yes, pants (laughter)


Your favorite dish?
Foutou with soup of seed that I cook myself. Don’t be surprised that I do it myself, because I do not like people cooking for me. I am a real African woman.


What are the cosmetics you generally use?
Not much; my milky soap, my body lotion for baby; that is all! Because I have very fragile skin.


When looking at you closely, it seems as make-up is not your thing …
No. It’s not my thing because I am more natural. When I put too much make-up, it changes me. I do not really appreciate it but I make efforts.


Your favorite color …
Green. The green of nature because I like the nature.


And if you were to be a flower?
I would be a rose, because my name is Rose.


Your last beauty touch before going to bed
Wahoooo! What am I used to doing…? I apply some beauty lotion on my face and I close eyelids with slices of tomato during five (5) minutes.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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