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Joana Choumali: the Ivorian photographer presents «Résilientes»

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iv-photosThe Ivorian photographer, Joana Choumali, is displaying until 06th May 2015, « Résilientes », her new collection. This presentation is within the framework of the exhibition « Woman photographer » taking place in the Onomo hotel of Dakar (Senegal). The young Ivorian lady displays women’s portraits carrying « the memory of an esthetic tradition that constitutes their sap. »

The photographer prize-winner of the last edition of the LensCulture emergent talents Prize 2014 pays tribute to Africa that survives after a long period of colonization.

« Black women, revealed in their greatness and ancestral styles through these pictures, show the importance of education. Because, finally, even when socialized by the various spheres they will have crossed, to which they will have poured their souls and of which they will have absorbed the codes and the significant and acculturated, they are not finally emptied of their substances (…) », added the sociologist Stéphanie Melyon-Reinette.

Joana Choumali studied graphic arts in Casablanca (Morocco) before beginning her professional career at McCann-Erickson as artistic Manager. In 2014 she participated in several exhibitions and won two main trophies (Prize-winner of the POPCAP’14 Afrique 2014 Prize – « Hââbré, the last generation » and the LensCulture emergent talents Prize 2014 winner – « Hââbré, the last generation »

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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