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Magic System: «Africainement vôtre», the 7th album coming out on 19th May.

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Magic System just announced the news on Twitter. The Ivory Coast group will bring out on 19th May « Africainement vôtre« , their seventh album. The « Magicians » stayed in their logic. The group tells about Africans everyday life with a particular stress on hope. On this new album, we note two featurings with Ahmed Chawki and Ayna.

«Africainement votre» is composed of titles as «M’ninda», «Africa», «Magic In The Air» «L’homme Qui A Peur», «Femme Est Forte», «Soumalélé», «Travailler», «Ma Mélodie», «Savoir», «Tu Es Fou», «Mamadou», «Kanga Leo», «Plus Haut», «Abidjan» or «Wôyô Ambiance Facile.»

The group Magic System was created since 1997. It is composed of A’salfo, Manadja, Tino and Goudé Fatoumata. « D’Abidjan à Paris », their last album that is really a best of came out in 2012.

Here is the official clip of « Magic In The Air» of Magic System featuring Ahmed Chawki


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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