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P-Square: After the storm, time has come for « Testimony »

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Some people thought and others even predicted that the famous African group P-Square was going to disrupt after more than ten years of collaboration. Well, the fratricide war which meanwhile brought into conflict the twins, Peter and Paul (Okoye), the most appreciated African duet, was over.

According to sources close to the family, the twin brothers finally found a common ground after putting fright in the heart of their numerous fans.

They tweeted solidarity messages to reassure the whole world that blood relationships are stronger than everything. That they remain a united family  no matter the problems of life.

Peter Okoyé: « P-Square forever! »
Paul Okoyé: « P-Square stronger than never! »
Jude Okoyé (their elder brother and producer of the group): « Family is indeed everything. Long life to P-Square! »
Anita Isama, the wife of Paul: « Those who put their faith in God will never be ashamed. All the glory to Almighty God. God is alive, prayer is the key »

Messages that make forget all and that bring back hope.

Long live to P-Square with their new video Taste The Money (Testimony)


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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