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Loincloth festival in Lomé: Alphadi wants to make of fashion a development tool

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The stylist designer of Niger Alphadi, called on Tuesday in Lomé economists as well as bankers to reconsider their opinions on African fashion.

The report made by the latter is that African decision-makers do not consider textile industry as a market regarding business and development.

In the contrary, Alphadi esteemed that « it should be considered as a real defence for open-mindedness on the matter ».

Sidhamed Seidnaly, alias Alphadi put forward this opinion during a round table on « Development of textile industry and fashion in Africa: challenges and perspectives » within the framework of the fair, « Loincloth festival », organized by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Togo.

According to organizers, the event aims at perpetuating culture of the use of loincloth in Togo, at boosting and promoting loincloth business which hub is Lomé in West Africa.

For the stylist, it is necessary to build a whole development policy of textile industry on the continent and make benefit the expanding fashion to boost the pale African economy.

« There are potentialities in Africa and the help shoud be the political will of political decision-makers », asserted Alphadi who did not understand why Africans are dressed by foreign firms while everything can be done on the continent.

The latter thus called on awakening of consciousness to build economies around African potentialities which already exist.

The stylist designer did not miss to pay an emotional tribute to Togolese women loincloths traders known under the name of « Nana Benz« .

He finally encouraged the young generation to do better for the happiness of Togo and Africa.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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