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Karim Sy: with JokkoLabs, he is the king of the African digital laboratories!

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« Nothing can be done without passion! »

Karim Sy masters what he is talking about: he is a passionate and committed entrepreneur. Franco-Libano-Malian, he grew up between Mali, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, France and Canada. « The advantage of diversity ».

Student in IT engineering in Canada, he created the CASCATT association (Canada Africa Center of Applied Sciences for Technology transfer). He designed a manual water pump and installed them in African villages which need it. « There is nothing more beautiful than drilling water in a village and to see children jumping of joy « .

From this success, he did not rest on his laurels. He launched several companies by the way among the mining and hydraulic drilling company, the aviation business in Mali. He also participated in the buying back of Oracle in Senegal. In 1997, he created Opensys, a consulting firm in information system where he developed one of the first systems of automation of administrative business in the world.

He was especially well known just after the birth of his son who changed a little more the vision of his life, with the Jokkolabs network, a space of co-working and tank action which looked for innovative approaches connected to the new technologies. It was in 2010. He settled down in Dakar: « the co-working or collaborative work allows a given community to work in a dedicated space allowing opportunity and exchange. (…) We fit into the contributory economy. A little bit idealistic model but which allows to be at the same time in the global and in the local. »

He developed the concept of « noos-trepreneur ». He considered himself as the catalyst of the entrepreneurial projects of his members.

His creed: « the sharing of experiences and good practices could be the mainspring of innovation and social entrepreneurship for a common prosperity ».

Karim Sy was proud to organize as in Paris or in New York, famous Mobile Monday during which, an enthusiastic community shared the last trends of the mobility.

Today, in his center, he hosts about fifteen start-up. He financed all at first with stockholders’ equity and capital outlay of 23 000 euros.

Karim Sy dreams of making Dakar, the new Mecca of Web!

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