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Merlinox: a Togolese invented palm oil processing machine

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The young Togolese, Edouard AKAKPO-LADO made a revolution regarding palm nuts processing. He just invented « Merlinox« , a machine that helps to crush palm nuts and allows obtaining several by-products from palm tree as palm oil or palm kernel oil. The machine also processes coconut oil for the happiness of households.

2014 is probably the year of Togo regarding innovation. After Logou Minsob, 2nd prize of innovation for Africa (foufoumix) and Afate Kodjo Gnikou, winner of the innovation Prize of Barcelona (3D printer), another Togolese just set up « Merlinox », the machine that allows effortlessly the production of the by-products from palm tree.

« For 3 kilogrammes of palm nuts, 5 minutes are enough. You just put the nuts into the bucket and add some water to it 5 minutes later and « Merlinox » will straight give you the juice for the sauce. But if you want crushed palm nuts for the preparation of white oil, you can extend the operation or you put fresh palm nuts and the machine crushes them for you to make red oil« , explained AKAKPO-LADO on a Togolese web site.

For the moment, the machine is not yet available on the Togolese market. The designer intends to release an improved version before its distribution. « I have not launched its marketing yet. In fact, I called this prototype « Merlinox 2 » Because I already made one that was called « Merlinox 1 ». There will be « Merlinox 3 » that will be the final version of the machine« , he explained.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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