National competition of innovation (Morocco): Souho Tiatou winner!


The Togolese talent was honored in Morocco on 12th November 2015 during the 9th edition of the national competition of innovation. The competition organized by the Moroccan Association for Research-Development and technology (« R&D » Morocco) rewarded 11 projects over hundred in the race.

The young Togolese, Souho Tiatou, won the 1st prize in the category « Researchers and PhD student« . The student at the University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah-Fès, Dhar El Mahraz Faculty of Science is carrier of the project entitled « New kit for the identification of the human papillomavirus (HPV) responsible for the cervical cancer« .

The first prize of the most desired category, « the young inventors, pioneers« , was awarded to Abdelkayyoum El Khamlichi and Abdallah El Marhoune from Tétouan for their project called « Contribution to the elaboration and the development of a prototype based on Arduino-Android« .

Created in March 1997, the Moroccan Association for research and development is a professional organization with economic and non-profit interest. State-approved, it is assigned the mission of initiative, promotion and innovation revitalization within the Moroccan companies of the productive sector through the sensitization of the decision-makers for the institution and the encouragement of the activities by R&D in their companies, the implementation of an incentive regulatory and fiscal framework by managing actions mainly with public authorities and political authorities; it is what can be read on the site


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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