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Nollywood: Is Pawpaw in couple with the Ghanaian actress Nana?

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Since the time where his double actor and friend, Cheinedu Ikedieze alias AKI got married in 2011 with Nneoma, all eyes are turned to Osita Iheme known under the name of PAWPAW, considered at Nollywood as confirmed bachelor.

Paparazzis as well as thousands of fans have been nosing about almost everywhere to discover if PawPaw would be maintaining a secret relation with a charming girl, but in vain.

The Nigerian star of cinema recently declared in an interview to Encomium that « contrary to rumours, he is still a bachelor« .

« I do not yet fall in love with nobody« , he specified.

Reacting further to speculations according to which he would have an adventure with a Ghanaian actress in the name of Nana, the actor declared: « I only shot a film with the Ghanaian actress, Nana; that is all. I cannot think of going to Ghana if I did not find anybody to marry. Naturally, you can get married wherever you find your partner« .

And he added: « but at the moment, I did not find my love in Ghana. It is just because I played in a movie with this lady, Nana and we were so close in the movie that people imagine that I felt in love with her« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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