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Oil in Senegal: euphoria or fear?

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Will Senegal be soon a petroleum exporting country? The idea has been fascinating many people since the announcement on Tuesday of the discovery of an important oil-field off Dakar by Cairn Energy. According to a communiqué from the British company relayed by the Senegalese press, oil is flowing on the Senegalese coast at 1 427 meters deep on FAN-1 well situated on the Sangomar block.

The Senegalese presses Agency (APS) indicated that the first estimations of the reserves of this well go from 250 million barrels of oil (with 90 % probability) to 2,5 billion barrels (with 10 % probability).

The fourth economy of the sub-region behind Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana the main receipts of which came from fishing, tourism and agriculture, could become an oil-producing. If the piece of news is favorably welcomed in the Senegalese households, it does not however exclude fear of sociopolitical instability often connected to the discovery of oil.

« May God prevent us from the hidden side in certain petroleum exporting countries that have become battle fields. We only require from our religious scholars to pray for Senegal, island of oil in an Ocean of stability« , it is what can be read in the columns of Daw coow newspaper.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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