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Pierrette Adams: the artist singer of multiple origins

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The icon of Afro zouk, Pierrette Adam continues the promotion of her seventh opus titled « 7ème jour » including 11 titles. There are musical styles as the Rumba, N’dombolo, Zouk, Coupé décalé, etc.

Coming bact to the name of her « 7th baby », Pierrette Adam just intends to mark it with an original stamp.

« I necessarily wanted the figure 7 to appear in the name that I am going to give to the album. And well, I made the tour and finally it was « 7th day » that I found », she indicated.532422_425199434189182_625687400_n

And she continues in these terms: « It is true that people often ask me the question because it is a little bit biblical and religious. It has nothing to do with all this. As long as it does not hurt, so much the better if that coincides with things in the Bible or with faiths. For me, on the base, it was just for marking my album ».

After twenty years of career and of amazing success, the star thinks she still have more to offer again to the African music lovers even to the whole planet.

« Twenty years of career, I believe that it is relatively much. Well, we always have to give. As long as we are in good health and as everything goes well, there will always be to do. I think that since 1994, twenty years now and there are always music lovers, fans who follow me, who are always there and that is always necessary to satisfy. It is not because it has been twenty years since that we should say that’s it! I am done. It is always necessary to continue to give and learn », indicated last week the artist, on visit to Benin within the framework of the promotion of her new album.

Questioned many a time about her origin that continues to be controversial, Pierrette Adam just answered she is « African« , a verbal rocket thrown by the artist singer « to stop speculations ».

« I have a Black skin and I am African and we are satisfied with that. I have several origins. But what it is necessary to is that I am Congolese, Beninese, Ivorian… I believe that it is necessary to stop any debate and to move forward », stated the singer.

Apart from her seventh album, Pierrette Adam has his Best of on the market that being sold like hot cakes.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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