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Press freedom: Ivory Coast well-positioned

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MT1 Ivory Coast has made a « qualitative jump » by gaining 15 positions in the world ranking of the press freedom published last Thursday by the Reporters Without Borders; report the APA agency. In a declaration, the National Union of the Journalists of Ivory Coast (UNJCI) congratulates itself on the improvement of the rank of Ivory Coast which moves from the 101th to the 86th position. « The UNJCI appreciates the efforts by the government in favor of the journalists and the media« , wrote the chairman of the UNJCI, Moussa Traoré (photo with the microphone), exhorting the « Ivory Coast authorities to continue their efforts regarding respect for the freedom of the news« . « The Year 2015, being a year for elections, the UNJCI appeals on the Ivorian authorities to stay in the course in order to guarantee pluralism, independence of the media, respect for the security and the freedom of the journalists« , concluded Mr. Traoré.   Original text by: Blaise AKAME  

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