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SME: need financing? Participate in «Africa SME Champions Forum»

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The specialized recruitment agency, AfricSearch, the African Guarantee Fund and the Ecobank group join together in order to organize the very first edition of « Africa SME Champions Forum » that will be held from next 11th to 12th November in the Senegalese capital town.

According to the organizers, it is a big meeting exclusively dedicated to the African SMEs.

« This forum will be the first platform of direct access to financing for SMEs », clarified Didier Acouetey, founder of the recruitment agency AfricSearch.

And by the way, it is announced the participation of about 300 companies coming from the five regions of Africa.

The criteria of participation in this competition are: being officially registered in Africa, having been legally established for at least three years, having realized a 1,5 million dollar turnover and having a minimum of 10 employees.

SMEs are invited to submit their applications on the site of the forum:

Several financing institutions as well as high-level experts and political decision-makers are also expected in this meeting

We should note that SMEs represent 90 % of the African private companies, 33 % of the GDP of the continent and are at the origin of 45 % of job creations.

Africa SME Champions Forum will thus emphasize on the concrete solutions to the numerous challenges put to the African leaders.

Master classes, personalized spaces of advice gathering high-level experts and mentoring program will help to answer their expectations.

« The idea is to find in the same place a range of tools, networks and services dedicated to SMEs, allowing them to set up in their return the methods shared by the community of Africa SME Champions Forum« , explained Didier Acouetey.

Africa SME Champions Awards, sponsored by African Guarantee Fund, will come to reward the future champions and the sharp financial institutions in the support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Created in 1996, AfricSearch is the first recruitment agency and hunting of specialized heads on Africa. Present on the continent through its eight offices, it counts 40 consultants and suggests 500 posts to provide every year.

It also works in the start-up of African champions companies through forums such as Africa South East Asia business forum or Africa SME champions forum. It also organizes recruitment fairs in Paris, Dakar and Abidjan.

  Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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