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Summit on climate change: Africa should take actions

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Africa is one of the main victims of the global warming; however the continent is responsible for only 3,8 % of the total emissions of greenhouse gases in the world. It is this situation that is denounced by Makhtar Diop, vice-president of the World Bank for Africa calling on the decision-makers to take actions in order to save the continent from the disastrous consequences that can affect our countries if nothing is made.

On the occasion of the United Nations summit on climate change that is held in New York on Tuesday, 23rd September, the vice-president of the World Bank Makhtar Diop, while appreciating the efforts made by companies and African authorities for the environmental protection, warned the continent against the increase of the global warming.

« A recent study carried out by the World Bank on the climate change reveals a worrying scenario about Africa. A reheating of 2°C would have dramatic consequences on agriculture and the food production in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, agriculture is the livelihood for 80 % of the population of the continent« , indicated Makhtar Diop according to whom « an increase of temperatures from 1,5°C to 2°C by the 2030s and 2040s would lead to a reduction from 40 to 80 % of corn, millet and sorghum cultivable surface. These cereal are the basis of African food and represent the main daily calorie intake, particularly in the dry zones of Sahel and the Horn of Africa« , he continued.

A total of 120 heads of States took part in summit on the climate change in New York. Before this international meeting takes place, 300 000 militants marched on Sunday in the streets of New York to invite the leaders to take concrete actions in favor of the climate and avoid the failure of Copenhagen.

According to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon who also took part in the march, « it is the planet on which the next generations will live. There is thus no other alternate plan as there is no alternate planet« .

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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