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Telephony: Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda adopting a common local rate

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Good news for the Rwandan, Kenyan and Ugandan consumers. Up from 1st September 2014, the communication between these three countries will be charged in local rate. This was the decision that was just taken during the 6th summit of the « North Corridor Integration« .

With the initiative « One-network-aera« , Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda removed the telephone communication borders. From 1st September 2014, the mobile phones users will no more need roaming during their travels in these three countries. The communication costs will be the same as if they were in their country of origin.

The South Sudan will join three aforesaid countries before the end of the year, according to a communiqué relayed by Jeune Afrique Magazine. According to the same source, this new initiative will reduce at 60 % the cost of the telephone communication between the signatory countries of the agreement.

The Rwandan government indicated that « mobile phone operators will have to renegotiate their bilateral agreements to assure the complete implementation of the agreement within the indicated dates. »

Let us remind that Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda signed several agreements that facilitate the free circulation of their populations. Since 1st January 2014, three countries have adopted a common tourist visa.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO 

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