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Togo: 100 children participating in the 2nd edition of «Lomé Basket Camp»

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The second edition of « Lomé Basket Camp » started on Monday, 18th August. According to the Basketball League of Lomé Golf, 100 Togolese children (12 – 18 years) will benefit from the two week training organized in support of the USA embassy in Togo. As topical question, the participants will be informed about the Ebola virus. They will also benefit from a small training in leadership.

« Lomé Basket Camp2014 » goes beyond a simple sports event. The meeting organized towards children loving basketball, also trains the latters in leadership. « We cannot develop worthless and leadership cannot be any more separated from the sport« , indicated the chairman of the league of Lomé, Ernest Temanou.

« Lomé Basket Camp 2014 » will also be the opportunity for children to have necessary information about study opportunities in the USA. The initiative allows of « increasing the cooperation between young people, future of Togo« , according to David Meron, director of the public affairs sector of the USA embassy in Togo.

For the supervision of the trainees, the NBA former player, Tommy William Davis is once more in Lomé to serve as coach. He « hopes that after these two weeks, these children will have necessary background to develop alone or with other local coaches« . For him, « it will be important to inculcate in these trainees, sporting values that can be useful to them in life. »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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