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Togo: Adébayor supporting « maisons des jeunes » project

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While awaiting the starting of the activities of his foundation « SEA Foundation« , the captain of Eperviers of Togo, Shéyi Emmanuel Adébayor, is committed towards the youth of the country where he was born.

Three days prior to the match Togo-Ghana in Lomé, the Togolese international was together with Tomégah-Dogbé Victoire, Minister in charge of the youth and the youth employment, visiting on Monday the work site of the « Maisons des jeunes » at Amadahomé (north-west suburb of the Togolese capital town).

Carried by the aforementioned ministry, the « maisons des jeunes » are educational extra school establishments opened to young people and teenagers.

The project plans the building of a total of 5 maisons de jeunes in Lomé as well as in other cities of the country namely: Kara, Atakpamé, Sokodé and Dapaong.

For Mrs Dogbé, the purpose is « to work for full blossoming and socioeconomic insertion of the young people by offering them the possibility of relaxing thanks to healthy leisure activities, acquiring a vocational, civic training and their creativity, talent, and on the entrepreneurial basis« .

By approving this initiative, SEA intends to bring his support to what is being done towards the Togolese youth.

We should underline that it is the very first time for the Togolese football star is showed by beside of a government member.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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