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Togo: health insurance for farmers and craftsmen

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Officially launched on 5th September 2011, the National Institute of Health Insurance (INAM) that takes into account only the public service workers of Togo is henceforth opened to other sectors of the society.

The Togolese craftsmen and farmers have just joined the group of the beneficiaries of the services by INAM. A team of the institute is at present on a national tour in order to explain the membership conditions to the populations. After Kara, the awareness campaign continues this week in Atakpamé.

« We could not stay inactive in front of the recurring requests from craftsmen, farmers, workers of the formal and informal private sector. We should know the needs, understand the expectations in order to bring appropriate answers« , indicated Miriam Dossou,

In spite of the opportunities offered by the INAM, the public service workers do not crowd. Over 400.000 agents expected in the first months of the launching of the institute, only 250.000 are registered up to date.

« The bases of this coverage concern for the first months, 400.000 civil servants as well as the members of their families. In fact, in the short term, this insurance will be extended to the private and semi-public sector and in the medium-term, to the farming and informal economy sector« , declared nevertheless the former prime minister, Gilbert Hungbo during the launching ceremony of the INAM.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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