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Tony Smith: the Cameroonian competing Ipad and Samsung Galaxy

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Audacity is one of the main qualities of the Cameroonian, Tony Smith. At 30 years old, the young Manager for Limitless intends to position his brand as a giant of ICTS behind IPad and Samsung Galaxy. Revealed by Choiseul ranking, the former executive of Boeing and Microsoft wants to face a major challenge; create 200. 000 jobs in several companies in 2015. The challenge seems insuperable but the past of the young CEO reassures. Tony Smith counts at present 480 employees.

In 2011, the Cameroonian, Tony Smith launched in Cameroon, Limitless mind Tab 3G, the first digital tablet of his brand. Today, he has conquered European market and competes the biggest brands of moment. The group widened its sphere of action and thus makes smartphones, television sets and military equipment. His wide network allowed him to offer personalized services to French companies as Alstom, Orange, CIC, La Poste or L’Oréal.

Smith knows well Africa and its realities. 17 of his 24 companies are based in Africa. Nigeria uses on its own more than half his staff (300 over 480 employees). « After the publication of this report, (Choiseul ranking), several companies or investors interested in the questions of development in Africa got in touch with me, in order to exchange on the perspectives of technological development in Africa« , he indicated.

Although designed by an African, Tony Smith refuses to see his products as innovations exclusively kept for Africa. The man’s operating mode explains the universal dimension he intends to give to his works (head office of company based in the USA, the assembly plants in Asia with subsidiaries in several African countries).


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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