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WEAMU: what are the best banks? Meeting in Dakar

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The electronic interbank grouping of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (GIM-UEMOA) rewards once again the best banking institutions in the sub-region.

An awards ceremony of the electronic banking performance challenge will thus be held in the Radisson Blu hotel of Dakar.

The event will include various actors of the electronic interbank grouping such as the Central Bank, the WAEMU banks, the structures of micro finances, the e-money issuing companies, and the money transfer companies according to the text.

Telecoms operators, universities and commercial companies, schools, managers, organizations are also expected.

As a reminder, GIM-UEMOA is the interbank network that assures the electronic banking transactions through credit cards.

Credit card gives several advantages to banks and also to populations.

For issuing banks, credit cards allow using less coins and banknotes.

« You can notice that when banks issue banknotes or coins, a few days later, banknotes are damaged and coins worn. It is shortfalls for banks that have to pay out more to issue new banknotes. We should work more towards the dematerialization of the currency« , declared Georges Kuassi, Department Head for BIAO Ivory Coast.

As regards to the populations, we may say that credit cards allow buying anywhere within the WAEMU space without worrying about cash.

Thus, credit cards facilitate the mobility of people without fear of theft or loss.

« The electronic banking gets its importance in the evolution of the digital economy in the world« , underlined Mr. Kuassi.

For him, Africa must no stay outside this economic dynamism.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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