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Togo: Port Authority of Lomé inaugurating its 3rd platform on Tuesday

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Africa Top Success reported it earlier that Togo wants to make of the Port Authority of Lomé, the first destination for ships of the sub-region. The country that already has a deep water port began a few months ago (more than 18 months), the building of the third platform. According to a communiqué from the communication departments of Bolloré group in charge of the execution of the project, the work will be inaugurated on 14th October 2014 in Lomé.

Charles Gafan, the representative of Bolloré Logistics in Togo announced in April 2014 the delivery of the 3rd platform under construction in the Port Authority of Lomé. Vincent Bolloré, the CEO of Bolloré group and the Togolese authorities are expected on 14th October in Lomé for the inauguration of the project the cost of which is estimated at 300 billion FCFA. The third platform, for a length of 450m, « strengthens the competitiveness of the Port Authority of Lomé and positions it as one of the big ports of the sub-region. It will allow the receiving of bigger sized ships« , indicated the communiqué from the group.

The work will create, according to Charles Gafan, more than 800 indirect jobs and will increase customs receipts and Togolese taxes. « By this project, Bolloré group reaffirms its commitment to support Togo in its development process and contribute to the economic growth of the country« , specified the group.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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