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African All Stars: 45 years of African music on a single album

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It is difficult to summarize 45 years of African music in 30 songs … Nevertheless, the African All Stars compilation lets express all the beauty and the wealth of the African music through many kinds: afro beat, afro-jazz, afro-pop, funk, rock, pop …

Representing the diversity and the eclecticism of the continent, the album includes monuments of the African stages: Tony Allen (drummer for Fela Kuti, considered as one of the co-founders of the afro beat), The Funkees, Habib Koité, Francis Bebey (at the origin of the beginning of Manu Dibango’s career), Femi Kuti (the son of Fela who proves thus that talent can be hereditary), or the Malian Tinariwen Tuareg blues famous group.

However, the African All Stars also gives a good place to artists who, even young, already show us exceptional qualities: Moh! Kouyaté (the Jimi Hendrix of Conakry), the Fantasma group, the South Africans of Cape Town Effects and many more!

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Ebo Taylor – Heaven
Femi Kuti – Bad Government (remix Chinese Man)
Francis Bebey – Sanza Tristesse
Moh! Kouyaté – «T’en va pas, ça va pas!»
The Psychedelic Aliens – Blofonyobi Wo Atale
Orchestra Baobab – Jin Ma Jin Ma
The Funkees – Akula Owu Onyeara
Tony Allen – Jakelewah
Afrobeat Makers – Sunny Sky
Ibibio Sound Machine – Uwa The Peacock
Dérobé Dance Band – Gogoplata
Moussa Doumbia – Samba
Afro Funk  – Afro Funk
Mulatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew
Harry Mosco – It Ain’t Easy
Rocky Marsiano – Semba Assim
Muyei Power – Mi Loko
Owiny Sigoma Band – Magret Aloor
Habib Koité – I Ka Barra
Dobet Gnahoré – Nfletoun
Amanar – Tenere
Tinariwen – Nezagh Ejbal
Freedom Family – Lala Li
Mooncakes Mayito – Mayimbe Yorica
Busi Mhlongo – We Baba (Black Coffee remix)
Fantasma – Eyes of The Sun
Fouma System – Avertissement
Art Melody – Wend yamba
Cape Town Effects – Gevaar ingozi
Donso – Djamilla’s Secret


Original text by: Star Africa

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