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Mister Africa France: Who will be the most handsome man of the African diaspora?

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Beauty competitions as Miss France, Mister France, Miss International Africa, are common in France.

And for the first time, a Parisian event highlighting the beauty of men native of the African continent is established.

It is about « Mister Africa France« , an initiative from the Boomer Events foundation, a company specialized in special event management.

The competition should take place on Saturday, 14th March 2015 in the Congress Palace of Paris.

By organizing such an event, the promoters assign themselves the mission to represent the beauty and the multiple images of the African Diaspora and also make of it, a driving force of the development of the continent.

In order to become the most handsome man of the African Diaspora in 2015, it is necessary be 1.80m tall, to be between 18 and 30 years old, to living in France and especially, having a cultural project connected to Africa: such are the required conditions.

The promotion of the African-European identity and the African-American model is more important. It also has for ambition to create a direct link with the African continent.

« It is naturally a beauty competition that allows showing another image of France, but the purpose is especially to promote a cultural project in touch with Africa« , explained Franck Dossou, treasurer of the organizing foundation of the event.

« We have for example a candidate from Malian origin, an IT specialist, who would like to make sensitive and to train the young people in computing in Mali« , added Mr. Dossou.

Find all the required profiles of the candidates on YouTube

Photo: Jim Lyke, a Nigerian actor


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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