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Pope Francis: the Supreme Pontiff denounces « terrorist acts » in Africa

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Last Thursday in a message to 27 bishops from Kenya travelled to Vatican, Pope Francis denounced the ethnic violence and the « terrorist acts » in Africa as the recent massacre of about 150 students in Garissa.

Church in Kenya must be « an instrument of reconciliation, justice and peace. I pray with you for all those who were killed during terrorist acts or ethnic or tribal hostilities in Kenya, as well as in other parts of the continent« , wrote the pope.

He more particularly mentioned « men and women killed at the University of Garissa » on 2nd April and hoped that the authors of « such brutality » can « come to their senses and implore forgiveness« .

The leader of the Church besides ordered the bishops not to « be afraid » by « protecting poor people » and fighting « against any kind of corruption and power abuse »

Poverty, corruption and ethnic violence are endemic in Kenya, regional economic power of East Africa. This country mainly Christian, counts a little more than 10 % of Muslims.

The massacre of the University of Garissa in the east of the country made 148 deaths among whom 142 students. This mass murder that traumatized Kenya was claimed by the Somalian Islamists shebab, affiliated to Al-Qaeda.

The bishops were in Vatican for a working visit and met the new pope for their first time.

Francis, who has not yet been to Africa, should travel to Uganda, a nearby country of Kenya towards the end of the year 2015.


Original text by:AFP

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