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Cameroon: copyright payment to about 1159 musicians

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Two years after the suspension of its activities, the Cameroonian Musical Art Company (SOCAM) is back with a piece of news that should delight musicians.

Indeed, 1159 musicians will get copyright in the course of this week.

The announcement was made by the Cameroonian ministry of Arts and Culture specifying that the « distribution rate is situated between 100 000 FCFA and 1000 000 FCFA per artist« .

This copyright payment is the first since almost two years further governance problems having brought the authorities to suspend the activities of the SOCAM managed since the beginning of the year by a normalization temporary committee.

From sources close to the SOCAM, more than 100 million FCFA is the financial amount.

Many beneficiaries thus rub their hands as far as they declare « to have not benefited anything since more two years« .

By the way, the process of reorganization of the file is appreciated by several artists. Some people support that in the past, « pseudo-musicians, in complicity with managers, collected copyright instead of the real artists« .

According to sources close to the SOCAM, they moved from 5400 musicians in the past to 1159 eligible musicians at present making amounts « a little more substantial » compared to 5000 FCFA or 12 000 FCFA certain artists previously collected.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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