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Crépu d’Ebène: Abidjan organizing the 1st festival for natural

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« Nappys de babi » is organizing on 16th August in Abidjan, a festival called Crépu d’Ebène. Placed under the theme « natural welfare« , this meeting with professionals of beauty care will be the opportunity for the Ivory Coast women to learn natural techniques of taking care of their skins and hair.


Several activities are planned for the edition 2014 of the Crépu d’Ebène festival. According to the steering committee, hairstyle competitions, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and fashion shows are in the schedule.


« Nappys of babi » is a concept launched by the Ivory Coast young Mariam Diaby on social networks in 2012. It aims at promoting natural frizzy hair and natural care products.


Before this festival, Mariam Diaby organized on 12th April 2014, the first fortnightly meeting of the group members in Abidjan. About hundred people attended the meetings that, according to the promoter, constitute an environment for the members to evoke techniques related to the care of frizzy hair.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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