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Gabon: 4G finally a reality!

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Africa Top Success reported it that digital economy occupies an important place in « Emergent Gabon » project for the Gabonese president, Ali Bongo. Since 10th October, Gabon has operated a small revolution by becoming the first country of Central Africa moving to 4G thanks to the telephony operator, Gabon Telecom.

Since 11th October, the subscribers of Gabon telecom in Libreville have noticed a change on their smartphones. Instead of the eternal « E » (meaning Enhanced Data-rates for GSM evolution EDGE), they found « H » (High Speed Packet Access HSPA). This icon confirms the migration from EDGE (in transition between 2G and 3G) towards a more advanced version of 3G, preparing thus the way to 4G.

For the Gabonese authorities, « the passing to 4 G technology (…) will contribute to make of Gabon a regional pole of digital economy and communication and will allow to better join the digital dimension into all public policies« .

The success of this important project is the fruit of the cooperation between Gabon and Morocco. The giant Morocco Telecom is a holder of the majority of shares in Gabon Telecom.

« Big investments were granted for the realization of this project that was subject of an agreement signed between both countries during the last royal visit in Libreville. It was within the framework of efforts to contribute to the development of Gabon particularly on the plan of telecommunications and new information and communication technologies« , indicated Abdeslam Ahizoune, the chairman of Morocco Telecom.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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