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Gabon: discover the best wood-carver

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Promote creativity, favor meetings of cultures and exchanges of experiences to popularize sculpture, mainly the wooden one, while valuing the Gabonese forest essences.

These are among others, the objectives aimed by the Gabonese government by initiating the International Symposium on Wood of Libreville which 3rd edition opens on Wednesday in the Gabonese capital town.

In other words, this meeting that aims at making of Gabon a major cultural pole, will put in competition seven (7) Gabonese sculptors.

During three days, the symposium will give the opportunity to seven Gabonese sculptors to compete in shaping various essences of wood of the Gabonese forest in order to give them various artistic forms.

According to the Ministry of Culture, this edition will not get the participation of foreign sculptors as during the two previous editions.

We should also underline that the works will not be marketed but rather displayed in ministries and public places of the Gabonese capital town.

Prizes will be awarded to the three best sculptors.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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