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In Maghreb and in Equatorial Africa: it is henceforth «Coca-Cola North & Equatorial Africa Region»

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Coca-Cola Company announced the merging of its activities in Algeria and in Tunisia with the unit of Morocco and Equatorial Africa. The name of the new regional structure will be « Coca-Cola North and Equatorial Africa Region » and will be managed by Mr. Geert Broos, currently managing director in charge of the company activities in Algeria and in Tunisia.

Mrs Samia Bouchareb, the current managing director of Coca-Cola Morocco and Equatorial Africa, will take the post of director of the strategic projects for the 33 countries of Business Unit of the company in the Middle East and in North Africa.

Coca-Cola (or Coke in North America and in certain European and African countries, Coca in France) is a fizzy soda. The name « Coca-Cola » is an American trademark registered in 1886 and made since then by Coca-Cola Company.

The name Coca-Cola derived from its first composition: coca leaves and the use of kola nut, the drink is then recommended by his inventor, the pharmacist John Pemberton, as remedy against gastric troubles (in particular stomach pains and diarrhea). It was not yet marketed in the famous bottle which esthetics will be registered in 1960.

1, 7 billion bottles are sold every day in the world for a 38 billion dollar turnover in 2011. Its main competitors on the world market are cola sodas of multinationals Pepsi-Cola and to a lesser extent Dr Pepper and Virgin Kola.

There are other numerous local competitors according to countries or in free products in supermarket chains, hypermarkets and minimarkets. Other colas are made on the basis of the recipe Open Cola under LPG license. There are also altercolas.


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