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Morocco: Gad Elmaleh back home « Without Drum »

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The Moroccan humorist and actor, Gad Elmaleh will be presente on 17th and 18th June in Casablanca, Morocco his new entertainment entitled « Sans Tambour » (Without Drum), that has been sensational at the Olympia of Paris for a month.

The show will take place in the hall of Mohammed V Complex.

« During my recent stay in Morocco, I realized that I missed my Moroccan audience and I got this urgent need to refresh myself and play in Casablanca », explained Gad in a communiqué.

With « Sans tambour« , the humorist revealed very personal elements of his life, celebrity, rise, religion, differences between men and women, and also his major joke on his childhood in Morocco. He also raised less funny subjects as death.

Born in Casa, Gad Elmaleh also promised to exclusively prepare some « Bidaouis bonus ».

« I am very hot. Playing in Casablanca is as at home and it is an amazing kif. I would like to give you all the best of mine », asserted the latter.

But Gad underlined that « it is stressful at the same time because I cannot disappoint my home town, this public whom I carry in my heart and whom I take to every corner of the world ».

Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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